Pouring rain, we don’t care!

Pouring rain is what we got but we Dutchies don’t care! You just go inside ;). At ‘Het Grote Visserij Debat’ fish specialist Nico Waasdorp got the crowd going for the beautiful fish the Noth Sea has to offer. Then the cloud cleared so it even got a little pleasant again, that’s when we got some fantastic fresh and handmade Tika Bombay Chicken wrap at the truck of CURRYUP, thanks guys!

FFF2014_AicoLind-1 FFF2014_AicoLind-2 FFF2014_AicoLind-3 FFF2014_AicoLind-4 FFF2014_AicoLind-5 FFF2014_AicoLind-6 FFF2014_AicoLind-7 FFF2014_AicoLind-8 FFF2014_AicoLind-9 FFF2014_AicoLind-10 FFF2014_AicoLind-11 FFF2014_AicoLind-12 FFF2014_AicoLind-13 FFF2014_AicoLind-14

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