Ginovation & Ushanka’s @ Perfect Serve Bar Show

A lot of events these days, and what fun we have!

As I am specialising in food and drinks photography the Perfect Serve Bar Show Amsterdam is the perfect place get inspired and do some research! This is the place to go for highly skilled bartenders & cocktail lovers. 

My friend the Jarl de Vries aka Cocktail Professor was judging the ‘Ginovation’ competition. Together with Albert van Beeck Calkoen (Mister Cocktail) and Ingmar Voerman (Entree Magazine) he was testing the skills and creativity of the bartender and challenge bartenders to create their ultimate Gin & Tonic experience.

In the meantime I was having my picture taken with a real Ushanka (Russian fur cap) at het fotohokje. What do you think, should I go for this ultra cool look?!

PSBSA2014_AicoLind-1 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-2 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-3 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-4 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-5 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-6 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-7 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-8 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-9 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-10 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-11 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-12 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-13 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-14 PSBSA2014_AicoLind-15

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3 thoughts on “Ginovation & Ushanka’s @ Perfect Serve Bar Show

  1. Gaaaf die foto’s! wij zoeken nog een cocktail shaker, wat zijn de tarieven?

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