YUM! @ Rollende Keukens

Who would have thought that the Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens) festival would grow to what it has become today? 6 years ago the concept started with just 20 kitchens and this year there were over 130 participants! From making your own ice-cream with a bike, insect pancake rolls, greasy hamburgers to eating oysters in a roaring 20’s setting, the free Rollende Keukens Festival this weekend was THE place to be!

Me and my friends had to come to the conclusion that unfortunately we we’re going to be unable to visit all 130 rolling kitchens. So we just took a wild guess, and ate what we could have.

First stop: de Oesterkar (Oystercar) is a great concept where you can eat delicious oysters  (Les huitres du Cap Horn) in a roaring 20’s setting. Oysters with Japanese mayonaise, red pepper, the Royal oyster with caviar and Champagne mousse or even the ‘Drunken Oyster’ a spicy Bloody Mary with an oyster in it.

Somewhat tipsy from the BM’s we carried on to Mortadella. Here we had a fantastic sandwich with prociutto (cut by Mama), cream and then heated on a hot plate. This Italian family brings some of the best food from Italy to Amsterdam and who doesn’t want that?! They will be starting a new company in the centre of Amsterdam soon and I can’t wait for that day…

Finally we finished off with a simple, messy, but incredibly tasty burger from Simon Parrott, The Beef Chief. He minces his meat fresh every day and then grills it medium pink so the juices flow freely. All that is finished of with some fresh veggies and artisan bread. I have just one word: YUM!

So where did you go to? Please leave your tips for what we should eat next year in the comments below!


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