Morgenthau setting the mood

I love to get my inspiration from as many places as I can and looking at films is just one of those places where I like to go.

“I can adapt to any style of camerawork that a story requires, but I definitely lean towards film noire style darkness and light to create contrast that evokes emotion”.

And that’s exactly what Kramer Morgenthau (Director of Photography) does in one of his latest work ‘Chef‘, written, directed, acted by Jon Favreau.

Lighting his sets with seemingly minimal, dim, light, Morgenthau is setting the mood. It is delightful to see Chef Carl Casper cook in his apartment under the light of just a fluorescent lamp, not your typical place to shoot food… I love how Morgenthau is able to light the dishes with just one lamp and still have it look great!

Extreme close-up’s to see all those juices flowing, edgy top-shots, the tattooed hands and fingers from ‘El Jefe’ getting dirty, makes everything work together really well in a fashionable style.

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Oké, one more film by Morgenthau, just because it’s so funny:

Check out more of his work here

This is the blog of Amsterdam based food photographer Aico Lind.

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