Top 10 list of best food photographers 2014! 

What’s de definition of a food photographer? Does his imagery only need to focus on making food look good?

You can call someone a food photographer if the gross of the subjects they photograph has something to do with food. Most of the time he or she has to deal with one of these challenges: have food looking a certain way and keep it like that during the shoot. Arrange it creatively in the two-dimensional plane.

I love to search the boundaries of food photography and get inspired by work of others. You might not agree that I call some of the photographers below food photographers. And yes, most of them shoot other stuff too. But, instead of labeling photography for different reasons, in the end it really doesn’t matter. We can just ask ourselves, is this great photography?

So please enjoy my complete and utterly subjective top 10 list of the greatest food photographers I came across in 2014, most of them from New York City.

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In alphabetical order:

Bobby Doherty: – Bare bulb, graphical and humorous style.

David Bishop: – Dimensional lighting, warm atmosphere.

Gabriela Herman: – Storytelling.

Grant Cornett: –  Great use of color and composition, cool portraiture.

Gregory Malphurs: – Loves white backgrounds and his subject close.

Henry Busby: – Works both in the studio and on location.

Marcus Nilsson: – Gritty and delicious, great styling.

Maurizio Di Iorio: – loves his colours complementary and his shadows hard.

Michael Crichton: – Toronto, conceptual and graphic style.

Plamen Petkov: – darkish, conceptual, unique.

This is the blog of Amsterdam based food photographer Aico Lind.

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