My Favourite Chef – Alistair Little

Oké, so I didn’t win the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award when visiting Londen but I came home with a much bigger prize!

A long time ago I got this cookbook from my father for my birthday. ‘Have a look at the crème brûlée recipe it’s the best I came by for a long time!’. He had been on the lookout for the best recipe for over a year…

Alistair Little’s ‘Keep It Simple’ became my favourite, most used cookbook I have. And not only this book but also all the other one’s he published are in my top 5. After some digging around it seemed that mr. Little reputation never really made it across the water to the Netherlands but in England he’s been considered ‘The Godfather of modern British Cuisine’.

So I had been looking at where he’s been hanging out, maybe he was still running his restaurant in Soho and we could go there and have a taste from the master himself? But no, unfortunately the restaurants are closed. Nowadays he’s running a unassuming food shop in west London ‘Tavola’.

So attending the finals for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year in the beginning of May finally I found myself standing in front of the shop a little hesitated to go in and show Mr. Little my personal, grease stained, translate to Dutch copy  of ‘De Flair van Eenvoud’ and get it signed.

Yes, there he was, kind, funny as in his books, and happy to sign my copy. Thank you mr. Little and good cooking to you!

Find some recipes here.Alistair and Aico



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