Saté heaven

At dusk it is still 30°C. It is the fasting month in Indonesia. When the sun goes down, everybody is allowed to eat again and that’s just what they’re going to do. People are hungry and order their portions ahead of the call, so when it comes they can start eating immediately.

Warung Saté, at Taman Kencana Square in Bogor Indonesia, is more than ready. Two men work the grill, a big fan behind them feed the coal to blistering heat so they can do portions of 80 pieces at a time in minutes. Especially the Saté Kambing made of a young goat is a big favourite among local customers. Then the allah akbar shout from the mosque releases the crowd. Luckily, I’m no muslim, my portion was long gone…

Sate Taman Square_02


Sate Taman Square_03

Sate Taman Square_04Sate Taman Square_05Sate Taman Square_06Sate Taman Square_07



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