Terms and Conditions

Prices for photography: Call or email me for a quote.

1 Respect the copyright on photos.

2 Always ask permission from the photographer if you want to use a photo.

3 Do not rely on the communication of others. Only the photographer can give permission to use a photo.

4 Always make clear agreements about the use and reimbursement.

5 Use a picture for the agreed purposes only.

6 Always try to trace the maker of a photo. Do not use a photo if you do not know who the author is.

7 Always include the name of the photographer with a photo.

8 Never edit a photo without permission from the photographer.

9 Note the rights others may have on a photo. Also ask them permission for use.

10 Always give the photographer a complimentary copy of the publication.

Anyone who uses my photo’s agrees with the following conditions:

The content of this blog is owned by Aico Lind. The content including each and every photograph are protected by copyright and trademark law and other related intellectual property rights. Copyright, in the photographs is owned by Aico Lind. The photographs are also protected by moral rights. The owner asserts his moral right to be identified as the author wherever and whenever his photographs are copied or distributed by any means.

 The content of this blog may only be used for orientation. Any other use, distribution, copying, distribution or making available of my images without written permission is prohibited.

The basic license fee for a picture is €270,- euros per year. This rate can vary.

In case of infringement the infringer receives a proposal for amicable settlement amounting to at least the base license fee, plus an increase of at least 200% to cover non-material damage, the costs of action, the reduction of exclusivity and other opportunities. When used without attribution, or mutilation of my photos, an additional premium of 100% is charged. By not accepting the proposal for amicable settlement, legal action will be taken which costs and any additional costs will be completely recovered from the infringer, on the basis of Article 1019h Rv.

General conditions: Conditions of the Photographers Federation in the Netherlands. These apply to all agreements.


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